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An essay paper is the staple of all college curriculums. MBA, Literature, History, and even Science faculty students get to write essay papers a lot. It’s safe to say that 60% of the course grade will be determined by how well a student was able to perform essay writing. In 2021, most students shift from writing homework to delegating homework to professional essay writers. It’s the safest and cheapest way to do homework if a student struggles to dedicate as much time to an essay as it commands. Generally, a pro essay paper writer can prepare a 100% new essay from the ground up in 2-3 hours, which saves students a lot of time and enable them to maintain steady positive course progress.

Essay Paper Format

College homework writing implies following a specific format and structure. Although it may vary from paper to paper, it’s safe to say that it remains the same all over the U.S. colleges and universities. A traditional 2000-word essay paper format consists of 5-paragraphs:

  • Introduction.
  • Main body.
  • Conclusion.

Any argumentative, descriptive, process, narrative, compare and contrast, or any other type of college essay paper (there are more than 10 of those) is to be written according to this outline. Also, when we speak about essay paper formats it’s necessary to mention referencing formats. The major paper formats are APA, MLA, and Chicago.


The APA abbreviation stands for the American Psychological Association. Most of the time, it’s utilized by social and political sciences. An APA essay paper format consists of the following structure:

  • Title page.
  • Abstract.
  • Main body.
  • Conclusion.

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The MLA abbreviation stands for the Modern Language Association. Most of the time, it’s utilized by the language disciplines, arts, and humanities in general. An MLA essay paper format consists of the following structure:

  • Cover page.
  • Main body.
  • Conclusion.
  • References.

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The Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) is utilized by such disciplines as literature, arts, history, etc. The CMoS essay paper format consists of the following structure:

  • Title page.
  • Main body.
  • References.
  • Footnotes.
  • Headings
  • Tables and figures.

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In the process of working with different essay paper formats, it’s necessary to keep in mind that plagiarism isn’t tolerated by any of the styles. Most U.S. colleges, if not all of them, punish students for plagiarism, some even get expelled from courses in case of several occurring plagiarism violations.

That’s why the most important reason why students seek help writing essay papers is because managing plagiarism and providing original essay papers all the time isn’t humanly possible. Hiring a third-party writer who is willing to help with an essay becomes the most tangible solution for a student struggling to get good grades and have lots of personal time.

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