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Math is hated by the vast majority of students in schools and colleges. Many people find it challenging to solve mathematical problems and start to resent mathematics. It is especially bad when the student is serious about his or her education and follows the teacher/professor’s instructions but still fails to compute accurately. 

Certain members of our have the same problem, so we decided to compile a list of sites with a comprehensive guide on resolving mathematical problems. We hope that this article will be helpful for people that struggle with mathematics.

Limit Calculator

Every single discipline is based on the fundamentals, and mathematics is no exception to that. It is no surprise when a person can’t understand complex mathematical formulas when he/she doesn’t know the basic definitions for the most basic terms.  Let’s take the “limit,” for example. The word “limit” is determined as the boundary passing which a thing can’t exceed.

This type of calculator will be helpful for many situations during your study of math. We highly recommend you use a calculator that sustains both one-sided and two-sided limits.

Derivative Calculator

The derivative is another essential mathematical term. It relates to the rate with which function varies with regard to a variable. Derivatives are crucial to solve a vast amount of mathematical problems, and utilizing a derivative calculator will make your studies a lot easier.

Graphing Calculator

Everyone who studied mathematics knows how challenging it is to plot graphs for complex equations. We are fortunate that there are online graphing calculators that help to speed up the process. This type of calculator is more complicated than the basic one, giving the user the ability to process many equations at once and conduct more complex equations.

Graphing calculators were invented in the 1980s. Thanks to technical progress, you can access this calculator from any point on the globe with access to the internet. This calculator not only allows the students to graph complex equations but to get a comprehensive guide on how to do it.

Algebra Calculator

A considerable amount of students say that algebra is their most hated part of studying mathematics. It is hard to think outside of well-studied patterns and learn new ones. Thus, it is no surprise that students can’t solve the easiest problems. It is a great idea to use an algebra calculator when you are stuck and can’t move forward. The vast majority of these provide easy-to-follow guides that will help you to figure out your mistakes.

Photomath Calculator

The last on our list, but not the least, is the Photomath calculator. This software is one of the most popular and top-rated calculators worldwide. One of the most exciting features is the augmented reality. This feature allows you to scan the problem with your camera, and the app will calculate the answer with an easy-to-follow guide. This is a fantastic feature, but it has specific issues. For example, Photomath poorly understands writing by hand. Thus, you need to scan the textbook to get the answer to your problem. These minor inconveniences fade away when we start listing the benefits. Our team highly recommends Photomath for anyone who strives to get better remarks in math but has problems with understanding it. This article was not sponsored by this software. We just think that it is a great application.


Mathematics is not an easy discipline to master. Some people think that math is easy, while others can’t solve the fundamental equations no matter how hard they try. Thus, many people name math one of the most challenging subjects to study. Knowing this, we decided to present five calculators that will make the process of learning math a lot easier.

We hope that this piece was interesting, and after reading it, you understand which calculator to use to figure out how to solve specific problems. However, we recommend you utilize a guide instead of writing the correct answer. The primary goal of solving mathematical problems is to learn the subject instead of just writing the correct answer from the calculator. It will be a great idea to consider a calculator as a little helper and use it when you are stuck. 

Thank you for reading this piece, and have a nice day.

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