Why is Homework Important in Learning Process?

Can you skip homework? The issue of canceling homework in the world has long been discussed by parents, teachers, and psychologists. Some believe that without homework, the child’s life will improve, and cite the example of schools where they were abandoned. Others are sure that it is impossible to achieve high results without extracurricular activities. When it comes to doing homework, students can be roughly divided into three groups:

  1. Those who continually do everything, and even ask for additional exercises;
  2. Those who sometimes revise the exercises but do not always do them;
  3. Those who don’t do homework.

Adult students often associate homework with past school days and believe that they are already far behind (especially those who graduated from school a long time ago). Unfortunately, teachers in schools often did not pay enough attention to their homework. The homework exercises did not meet the needs of the students. They were not tested. They were uninteresting and of the same type.

Accordingly, today students have a question about whether homework is needed and what is the use them? Let’s find out and consider both positions and try to find a compromise. Why do you need homework, and is it essential for a student?

Conservative position

Part of the teaching community believes that school without homework is a utopia. Homework is seen as a mandatory workout that guarantees successful mastering of the topic. The cancellation of homework is seen as a relaxation, which can be fraught with poor knowledge. Therefore, the repetition of the topic and its consolidation is a significant plus of homework.

An example is a situation in France where home assignments were experimentally canceled. The result was sad: the level of knowledge plummeted. Therefore, if homework is canceled in other countries, the academic results of schoolchildren may also deteriorate, according to some experts.

It turns out that homework is an integral part of the educational process and a logical continuation of the classroom. This is an opportunity to consolidate the material learned and work on topics that require additional attention. In addition, homework can be fun and interactive, and students only need a desire to learn.

Why does the teacher assign specific exercises?

No matter how hard the teacher tries, it is impossible to work out a specific material 100%. There are several reasons. This is a limited time, the number of people in the group, and the amount of information that needs to be submitted. But the teacher notices what exactly is causing the problem and what the students need to work on. This is how the homework comes in.

In addition, sometimes, the teacher can give additional assignments to a specific student from the group if he needs to pay attention to a specific problem. It turns out that homework is an additional practice and an opportunity to work on the topic again to assimilate and learn the material.

Also, students often have questions during homework – which is excellent since the teacher is not around and you have to google. Thus, you can find many additional materials, applications, articles, videos, ways to memorize the rule and its practice. That is, the learning process does not end in the classroom after the lesson. It’s a continuous process.

The importance of homework

Many students present sections of books, printouts, and heaps of tables and rules for homework. But it’s not always the case. Today, teachers motivate students to keep them interested. This is how new learning formats appear. This is especially true in our time of remote learning and the introduction of an increasing number of educational sites.

For example, in the article “The Role of Homework,” Steve Darn notes that we live in the age of the Internet and should be used. Among other things, he recommends sites where you can find various video and audio, exercises, and rules that meet a certain level.

In addition, there are platforms that you can use to learn English, for example. They make homework interactive and fun for students. This means that there is no feeling that you are doing some boring exercise on the machine.

Experts believe that doing homework is very rewarding. This is a complementary practice that always bears fruit. This was a massive amount of evidence in the teaching practice of each teacher. For example, when a group starts a course, all students in that group have roughly the same level of English proficiency.

But then, with each lesson, some of the students move on, while others standstill. Later, this is reflected in the test results. It is not difficult to guess that the best results are always shown by students who do their homework and devote extra time to study, not limited to attending classes.

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