Top 10 Homework Apps for Making Your Study Easier

The main feature of smartphones running on the Android operating system, and not only this OS, is that Google Play has many applications to help users for any occasion. The school theme is no exception, where all kinds of helpers are collected to facilitate school everyday life. Apple owners will also find many different applications for time management and life hacks in the app store.

This collection contains the most exciting programs for downloading, which will be indispensable for those who study and work simultaneously.

Book out loud (Audiobooks)

As you know, reading all the literature from the list according to the program takes much more time than the earthly 24 hours a day. Listening to audiobooks can be one of the solutions – this way, you can hardly interrupt the process while driving home and to school, for example. The application has fairly wide functionality and many settings. For example, you can download an add-on with a different reading voice.


It would seem that there are more than enough applications with a voice recorder, but Recodium has one noticeable plus – you can highlight important points in it. This will further relieve the user of the need to skip through the almost one and a half-hour recording of a lecture in search of the right moment. A trifle that means a lot.

MyScript Calculator

A calculator that recognizes handwriting itself replaces the written with signs and solves the written examples. If you are not a fan of complex scientific calculators, and in general, by hand, everything turns out clearer and faster, the application will suit you.


This app will teach you to speed reading. This skill is simply irreplaceable in our time. Keeping the entire library on a single device is no longer a problem. You just have to read it. Trainhard, and the results will not takelong to come.


One of the best planners, according to users. The app is far from new, but its popularity is constantly growing. With its help, you can organize, if not everything in your life, then a lot. This is exactly what students need.


Down with heavy organizers and diaries! The schedule of lectures and seminars, homework, and notes can now be stored in a convenient application.

iStudieZ Pro

Almost every student has scheduling problems. For example, you need to find the office you want, remember the teacher’s name, find the written homework in a pile of paper notes. The iStudiez pro application, a scheduled program for iOS, offers to deal with all these problems.

In terms of functionality, this is a full-fledged organizer created for educational purposes. Each schedule is created for a semester, the terms of which are set by the user. An excellent opportunity is to add exams and tests to the schedule.


If you often find yourself hanging on Instagram or Facebook instead of preparing for a seminar, this is the app for you. An application that blocks your access to any websites and applications.

You make a blacklist of culprits and choose the time for which you want to block them. The most important thing is that the action cannot be undone, even by restarting the gadget. No cheating, it’s fair! Also, Instagram has a built-in limiter.


This very useful application has gained popularity among many schoolchildren and workers. It is aimed at appropriately allocating time to keep up with work and proper rest. After all, we all know how our brain needs to rest. This dramatically affects performance and efficiency in general. Therefore, it is very useful for those who are lazy and those who work without interruption.

H2: Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

This application for schoolchildren and students is one of the most popular in the study section, proof of this is the 150 million people who have already installed it for themselves. The program will help you improve your English in practice, practice reading, speaking, writing, and even listening comprehension.

The training is built playfully. You will answer questions, complete the assigned tasks, and what is essential, increase your vocabulary and consolidate your grammar knowledge.

To make schooling easy, download and install the apps from this collection. Here are the most useful and well-reviewed apps for Android and iOS. This will not only make your life easier but also give you more time to do what you like.

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