Homework Should Be Banned Discuss the Pros and Cons

Many modern researchers argue that it will be a better option to deprive the educational process of doing homework. At the same time, other academics hold the point of view that doing academic assignments at home is one of the determinants of achieving goals. 

For many years, the degree of efficiency and feasibility of homework has been in the focus of attention of professionals from all over the world. Some countries have removed this from the educational process. The latter is because of the results of studies, devoted to the effectiveness of homework. It showed that this is not a determining factor in student performance. 

In this article, you will see an analysis of each of the positions, taking into account the specifics of the socio-historical context, the introduction of distance learning in particular. 

When Doing Homework Is Necessary

For many people, it is impossible even to imagine that the educational process can exist without the need to regularly complete an abundance of academic assignments or write long papers at home. The amount of information mastered by the student independently significantly prevails over the knowledge that was acquired in the class. All this makes homework an integral part of learning. 

Despite the controversy regarding the importance of the latter, the permanent completion of assignments can make the student responsible and disciplined. Moreover, doing homework can help him learn to cope with life’s difficulties and continue to develop, taking every mistake as an invaluable experience. 

At the same time, one of the most significant aspects of homework is learning a foreign language and the need for regular practice. Researchers recommend that you devote at least a few hours a day to the latter. 

Remember that you can find your favourite movie with subtitles and write out all the unfamiliar words in the dictionary while enjoying watching it. Don’t forget to practise the language with your friends. It will not only improve communication skills but also allow you to have a fun and educational time. 

Even if doing homework seems incredibly difficult to you, turn it into a challenge and develop your methods of achieving your goals, which is guaranteed to broaden your horizons and improve your academic performance. 

What If Banning Will Be Better

First of all, it needs to be emphasized that an abundance of tasks can provoke stress several other health problems. For instance, non-stop solving algebraic problems or writing long papers can be especially dangerous for people with neurological diseases. Among the health problems are persistent insomnia, the curvature of the spine, myopia, and more. 

The mental health of the student is no less significant. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of everyone without demanding too much from him.

Secondly, the student is often forced to complete a bunch of assignments in subjects in which he is not interested. As a result, a lot of time and effort is wasted. In addition to homework, the student has to attend additional classes to understand various issues related to a particular topic.

Although the latter requires additional financial costs, modernity offers the opportunity to seek help on the Internet to read the necessary literature or watch suitable videos. But even this does not guarantee excellent results, since individual lessons will bring much more benefit.

It may seem that the result of banning homework will be procrastination and unwillingness to evolve in any direction, but this is not the case. In this context, upbringing is significant since the parents instill in the child the desire to develop and not be limited by the spheres of their interests.

What About Neutral Position

Also, it is necessary to note that a large number of people favor compromise. An excellent way out of the situation would be to search for individual assignments. Thanks to the latter, the student will be able to focus on the assignments in those scientific disciplines, the study of which is a priority for him. 

A possible option would be lessons with a tutor or in online schools, helping the student get involved in the work process better and immediately get answers to all questions of interest. 

Final Words 

Every person is unique. While one student gets incredible pleasure from solving complicated math problems, another wants to forget about tests and numbers forever, giving preference to creative activity. 

Much more important is to change the format of homework with a rational distribution of the effort required to do this. Remember that everything is in your hands. You can create your list of tasks that you will perform every day, expanding your knowledge base in certain areas. 

Try to turn boring homework into a thorny but magical path, through which you will be knowledgeable in a large number of topics from different scientific fields and will be focused on achieving success.

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