Why There Shouldn’t Be Homework During Winter Break

In the age of technology, we are all dealing with intense information flow every day. Imagine how hard it is for students who also have huge amount of information, which is obligatory to learn. Undoubtedly, children study all the time, in a classroom, then at home, and even on weekends.

They also deal with extra studying before semester exams to pass them successfully. And they still find themselves in a situation when they can’t get an actual break from school as it roams from classrooms to homes and even to family gatherings, not allowing them to snowball peacefully. At this point, we have a question to think about. Is it fair to load students with homework during winter break? The answer seems to be obvious.

Teenagers are in need of rest

Nobody can deny that we all need to recharge our batteries from time to time. There’s not a single exception for this yet teenagers, who are a vulnerable part of our society, lack leisure time. Adults don’t usually take work to home, weekends or vacation but students face with this quite too often. Not for nothing winter break is called a break, though when it comes to practice students can’t really feel it. Not giving a chance to have a literal break is ridiculous as overwork often leads to dreadful consequences.

Holidays are family time

Winter holidays are ones of the most desirable holidays in a whole year. Christmas and New Year are truly family holidays full of joy, happiness and presents. Families around the world gather to see each other, spend some time together, play games, watch thematic films, and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s the time when we have the chance to see our relatives who live far away or just those who aren’t common guests in our households. There’s such a lot of things we want to share with one another, so much news to tell. Without a doubt, it’s impossible to do homework in these days not only because studying is less pleasing, but because it’s less important than family!

Trips to take and activities to do

In addition to holidays, many families have a tradition of going on a vacation during winter breaks. Are students supposed to take their textbooks with them to another city, state or even country? No, they clearly aren’t which puts them in a situation when they have to either end up being unable to do homework or refuse to go on a trip with their family. It turns out to be a stalemate.

Moreover, winter break is the time to train your body with many activities available only thanks to snow, snowballing, making snowmen, skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, the list goes on. It’s a well known fact that alternation between mental and physical activity is beneficial to both the body and the spirit. That is exactly the reason why children need a lot of spare time during winter break.

Homework during winter break may have negative effects on students

Having no opportunity to relax often results in sadness, frustration, exhaustion, and many other bad mental conditions. More homework doesn’t guarantee better academic performance because students may return to school overworked, without any strength to continue studying, and with lack of motivation.

To make matters worse, if teenagers don’t have time to spend with their family and friends, it may lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, aloofness, emotional inaccessibility, isolation, and in some cases depression. This drastically cuts the chances of being productive when school starts. Consequently, obligatory winter break homework can play a cruel joke on students and hurt their studying progress and social development.

All that has been said points to the following. Cutting away homework during winter break will not violate studying process. Holidays are made to take a rest, which is not a want but a need, in order to stay healthy and be able to perform well.


We should also remember that despite school being the most important and time-consuming part of the teenagers’ lives, they still have another activities to do, places to visit, hobbies to take, and things to work on. It seems to be unfair that we expect our teens to become robots who only study and do the necessary assignments without paying attention to their human and personal needs.

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